BCGL Power Rankings: Week 9

10.) The Mouth (0-9, 5th Country Club) Tarrell came into the draft more confused than my sweet grandmother when the mailman walks by. Fast forward to week 10 and not much has changed. The league's rectum finds himself winless, scoring less points than Witchger on a spelling test. Tom has made done what he can to... Continue Reading →


IMWT Power Rankings: All Star Break Edition

10.) Marseille Mmmmalvey's (55-117-8, 5th East) Let's look at a replay of last week: It's a lost season for Big Bear and the Malvey's, but the rising young star of the democratic socialist party still has moves left on the board. The most obvious play would be to trade Josh Donaldson to a contender in... Continue Reading →

2018 IMWT Keeper Watch

It's that time of year when each respective franchise must begin to look at the players in whom they will invest in to deliver fantasy glory in 2019 and beyond. The keeper system has been attacked repeatedly by a select few owners recently but let's look at the facts. FACT: Sabermetrics is the only team... Continue Reading →

IMWT Power Rankings: Week 12

10.) Marseille Mmmalvey's (46-91-7, 5th East) Forget Kris Bryant, the Mmmalvey's haven't won a matchup since April. At this point Falvey's chances of making the playoffs this year are about the same as the United States' odds of winning the World Cup. Which makes me very sad because I expected big things. N'abandonne pas. N'abandonne... Continue Reading →

IMWT: 2018 Midseason Turn

10.) The Malveys (42-74-4, 5th East)While Big Bear was out wondering the bushwoggle, the Malvey's pitching staff collapsed in on itself like a black hole TJ doesn't believe in. Injuries everywhere, Carlos Martinez pitching like he's also on MDMA, things are not great in Bear country right now. It wasn't all that long ago when... Continue Reading →

2018 IMWT Power Rankings: April/May

10.) Marvin's Room (30-60-4, 5th West) For the first time in three seasons, Marvin's Room is in real danger. It's very early, yes, but a 20+ game deficit in the West may as well be Mount Kilauea. *Marve needs to trade for a bat. A big bat. It's never easy to part with an ace,... Continue Reading →

2018 IMWT Power Rankings: Week 1

10.) Donald J Trumboners (3-9, 5th East)Last Week: L 3-9 Cubs Mascot Dong I suppose this is what I get for showing up to a race track and betting on the turtle. Preseason rankings are based on how a team looks on paper. Power rankings have performance to factor in. At least that's my reason... Continue Reading →

2018 Rankings and Draft Grades

10.) Dobis PROffense: A year after finishing dead last in home runs, Peter Francis made a point to invest in guys that were going to get their money's worth at the plate. By that I mean between Wil Meyers, Brian Dozier, Kris Davis and Greg Bird (RIP), there is going to be a ton of... Continue Reading →

IMWT 2018 Keepers and Draft Prep

Best Available: 1.) Chris Sale                   2.) Anthony Rizzo 3.) George Springer       4.) Madison Bumgarner 5.) Stephen Strasburg    6.) Brian Dozier 7.) Justin Upton               8.) Jose Abreu 9.) Dee Gordon               10.) Carlos Carrasco... Continue Reading →

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