IMWT Power Rankings: Week 7

Short statement on the latest controversy (It’s not short):

First, I want to thank everyone who donated to the BCG Fantasy Sports foundation, that was very cool and really meant a great deal to me… just waiting on Witchger’s contribution and we should be all squared away.

In hindsight, I shouldn’t have just flipped Jose Berrios in. Against my better judgement, I viewed my action as a non-issue because Berrios hadn’t yet thrown a pitch. Brent obviously didn’t feel the same. In the competitive heat, Uncle wasn’t about to just give away a lucky break.

I get that. But it brings me to my problem. Why are we encouraging something that so egregiously undermines competition? I can say with absolute certainty, not everyone was aware the starting pitcher for the second game of a doubleheader locks the moment the first game starts. Should I have considered that may occur? Fucking right. I’m embarrassed that I didn’t.

But why are we as a league so quick to jump on someone who fundamentally, put a starting pitcher in their lineup an hour and a half before they took the mound? Is that not a little sad?

You can say it was wrong because it was done through LM options and maybe not everyone knew that was available.. Hah is that really my fault though? You don’t think I would have just had Bob do it? Because I have before…. I like to think everyone in this league would have raised at least some question as to why they didn’t have the option to put their pitcher in given the situation.

The point of the matter though, comes down to competition. This was the first incident of an unfortunate occurrence, an easy mistake that could have happened to anyone, and instead of sympathizing with the party most harshly affected, the league ruled instead that it wasn’t fair to the team getting a break it never deserved, taking away a crucial start and effectively swinging an entire week.

Most notably with Odell Beckham Jr, it is confounding to me how time and time again, this particular group of individuals chooses arbitrary “rules”, “rules” we never set or stated, over common sense for the good of fair competition.. Especially when it so clearly and unnecessarily hurts one team more than the others.

Anyway, I’m exhausted from all these recent controversies. I can’t keep adding these long prologues, it’s taking months off my life. Let’s just have fun this week, boys. Not even mad if you skipped all that.


Power Rankings

10.) Laotian Humminas (20-58-6, 5th East)

Last Week: 10 (L 3-7-2 Dobis PR)

Only fitting for Falvey to run into the one team that put 20 dingers on the board this week. 

¿Donde estas Big Papi? 

If the Humminas can find away to string some wins together before Donaldson and MadBum get back, who knows. The 4th seed right now is hovering at .500

The league is better when our international representative is competitive. It’s hard to believe we’re just a few weeks away from a Laotian obituary.

9.) Team Sabermetrics (43-39-2, 4th West)

Last Week: 9 (L 4-7-1)

Manny Machado is hitting .220. I’ll be fine.

Streaming pitchers is all the rage this season and it’s hard to say anyone is better. No one comes to my 1:1 QS:W’s ratio. Sabermetrics! 

Going to try and avoid controversy so I don’t forfeit another matchup. Commissioner Bob gets an angry defending champ this week.

8.) Yelich da Posey (36-43-5, 5th West)

Last Week: 6 (L 5-7 Cubs Mascot Dong)

This is the team that when it’s good they look unstoppable, when it’s bad, they look like a clogged toilet. 

Yelich da Posey has no business losing OPS with this lineup. There are only a few lefties on this roster and two important ones – Rougned Odor and Christian Yelich, aren’t carrying their weight. Odor in particular, just isn’t getting on base enough.

I want to push Tim to make a trade, the pitching staff needs a jump bad.. but we can’t judge Tim’s team fully until Simba comes back. 

If Yelich da Posey can get to .260 for the week, that’s the magic number. Sitting Gallo against lefties is going to help get there.

7.) Donald J Trumboners (38-44-2, 4th East)

Last Week: 3 (L 2-10 Wintanamo Clay)

Phase 2 engaged. Purdle hit the red button and JD Martinez emerged from the deep. Martinez and Gary Sanchez have been crushing since they came back from the DL.

But when you take bats for the first 12 rounds, no shit the offense is good. Last week opened Purdora’s Box, if you will.

Purdleball got… Purdleballed. Witchger played three immaculate starts and then let the relievers do the rest.. The Trumboners got wiped clean in every pitching category.

Well, and Witchger dropped the MOAB on Purdleball Sunday afternoon. I don’t care who you are, you’re not going to win if you’re opponent nine home run barrage. We can’t hold that against the Trumboners.

This week we get the battle of the best friends. Purdleball v Marvin’s Room. Without Aroldis, Steve may struggle to get to 20 innings.

6.) Cubs Mascot Dong (39-40-5, 2nd East)

Last Week: 7 (W 7-5 Yelich da Posey)

Will someone just network with Bob already??????

Urias is back in Triple A 😥. Probably for the best. He’ll be back eventually. The rest of the lefties in this rotation pitched well this week. 

On the hitting side, Miguel Sano is the real deal. He’s leading the majors in hard contact. The big Dominican is barreling up everything and you have to love that even without a home run, Sano hit .300 last week.

Kris Bryant just abused the Brewers last week. And then there’s top prospect call-up, Bradley Zimmer, who looks like a bigger, uglier Bryce Harper. If he can keep the strikeouts down, he’s a mega talent.

On the commissioner side, I was highly disappointed in the anti-competition stance on Berrios and the revoking of LM privileges, being that I’m the assistant LM who uses that tab to find ways to make the league better..

But the real issue is the minimum innings limit. If we ignore Purdleball, there will be others. Look at Witchger last week, it was too easy. Hah Steve may not get to 20 innings next week…. That is just bad for the league. 

5.) Wintanamo Clay (38-41-5, 3rd East)

Last Week: 8 (W 10-2 Donald J Trumboners)

Witchger tried to warn the league. He knows the no innings minimum is a problem. But if we aren’t going to act on it, why wouldn’t Wintanamo take advantage? 

Pete unloaded his erratic lower-tier starters and replaced them with nice, free closers off the waiver. Jeremy Hellickson looks a little out of place, but this is Purdleball 2.0, the Clayton Kershaw edition. I urge the league needs to take notice. 

Bravo, Peter. Pretty brilliant strategic pivot.

We knew it was going to be weird, but how about that Sunday? That’s a week’s worth of home runs in one day. I don’t even have to check to know nine is the record for most taters in a single afternoon.. A not so subtle wink from the fantasy gods for your patience.

Wintanamo takes the good vibes into a matchup with a hot Dobis PR squad this week.

4.) Fighting Moles (46-35-3, 2nd West)

Last Week: 5 (W 7-4-1 YOU WIN)

This one is hard for me. One of my favorite people in the whole world accused me of intentional deviance. He was right about one thing, that Berrios start was important. If that start had gone through, two categories flip. 

In response, I pulled every bat and arm in my lineup Friday to make it clear to the Moles and the rest of the league that I could care less about one week. I don’t need to “cheat” to win. What I did wasn’t intended to be “shady”. If it were you Uncle, on the other side, I would have encouraged you to text Bob about getting your guy in. Because bring it on.  

At this point though, I’m pretty worn out talking about something that never should have happened. If I play my guys Friday, I take home runs and OPS. I was fortunate to cut it to 4-7-1 with 80 less AB’s.

Alright moving on, the Moles won last week. End of the day the scoreboard doesn’t show what could have been. The Fighting Moles march on, riding a fairly dominant three week stretch after the losing their ace.

But it’s not all good news. It’s almost comical how many pitchers are on the DL now. You’d think finger blisters were contagious. 

The pitching staff is scary thin. Getting any pitching categories on Orbit’s Woody this week will be an upset in itself. 

Still a Moles fan, I just need a week away.

3.) Dobis PR (43-34-7, 2nd West)

Last Week: 4 (W 7-3-2 Laotian Humminas)

Finally, the big time power week we’ve been waiting for. 

Corey Dickerson has gone from afterthought to a potential .300 BA, 35 home run, MVP dark horse. That’s an asset we didn’t know Dobis had in his belt a month ago. 

Chris Sale is on his way to the AL CY Young. Not a jinx, just a fact. It’s his year.

Dobis is winning with just one bat ranked in the preseason top 40. That’s just the good old fashioned do your job mentality getting it done. 

I think Dobis is going to be okay without Danny Salazar.

The business boys at Dobis gets Kershaw and Wintanamo Clay next.

2.) Orbit’s Woody (49-28-7, 1st East)

Last Week: 2 (L 4-6-2 Marvin’s Room)

Please, let us share in a moment of silence for Freddie Freeman’s wrist. There is nothing more painful than seeing a player on your fantasy team take a fastball on the wrist/hand. Well, except maybe actually getting hit by a major league fastball. Take my wrists Freddie! 

I gave Bower Jake Lamb too soon. A .9768 OPS? You have got to be kidding. 

Even without an NL MVP contender for two months, Orbit’s Woody is going to cruise at the top of this division.

Build Bower, keep building. The rising Moles are up next.

1.) Marvin’s Room (49-28-7, 1st West)

Last Week: 1 (W 6-4-2 Orbit’s Woody)

Hard not to be impressed by last week’s win. A sign of a good team is the ability to win in different ways. Last week Strasburg and new addition, Jacob Degrom set the tone for a dominant pitching display.

Not a lot of teams can reach up and get 57 runs on an off week. 

One thing to watch… Eric Thames is starting to show some wear from the grind of every day major league action. We’ll see if jelly legs continues to be an issue for the big lefty.

Last week makes it six straight weeks without a loss. Can Purdleball stop the hottest team in the league? Stay tuned.

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