IMWT Power Rankings: Week 6

You snakes, stop hidin’ in the grass.. sooner or later I’ll cut it, now the blades in ya ass.

– Moses

The fact that there are people in this league that would use their veto purely with the intention to spite another team(s) is frankly pathetic. The veto isn’t meant to stop trades you don’t agree with.. It’s meant to prevent a trade that is very clearly unfair.

This league has a disease and it’s taking the fun out of this computer game..

Tom Farrell and Marve O’Hara. The two kids that will be the first to talk down to you, and put their dick on the table any time they feel their dominance is being threatened.. Coincidentally, also the two kids most likely to have cried while masturbating; Tom during the 22 years before he lost his virginity, Marve last night. Steve, don’t get upset we’ll get to you.

“Your team is trash!!!” 

“You’re a cheater!!”

“You’re an idiot Brent.”

“Nah just calling your weak ass team out.”

“The secret to my homemade pumpkin cookies is sensitivy.”

For six weeks we’ve had to put up with all of it. And it hasn’t been that bad really because let’s be honest, they aren’t exactly witty and they definitely haven’t won anything.. But yesterday the petty bullshit went too far.

Let’s start with Tom. Tom went out of his way to whip up veto votes because “He needed to teach me a lesson”.. Not because he disagreed with the contents of the trade, no, he just didn’t like it. Didn’t even try to scrape facts together, just called me a cheater on a one for one swap of Todd Frazier and Danny Salazar. Nice. Cool guy.

Here is the trade Tom cited from last year that got vetoed, keep in mind this was before we knew how hard Harvey was hitting the clubs:

TIMJ traded David Price, Bos SP to DPR
DPR traded Matt Harvey, NYM SP to TIMJ
DPR traded Joey Votto, Cin 1B to TIMJ
DPR traded Jacoby Ellsbury, NYY OF to TIMJ

This is a clearly lopsided trade, and yet Tom threw a fit when it didn’t go through. Do we think this trade is comparable to Todd Frazier and Danny Salazar? I hope not. Is Tom really credible enough to call me a cheater? No, the answer is no.

TIMJ traded Zack Greinke, Ari SP to AMD
AMD traded Ryan Braun, Mil OF to TIMJ
AMD traded Chris Archer, TB SP to TIMJ

Here’s one that did go through. Man of the people!

Now O’Hara…. O’Hara, the same kid who has won nothing but gets to call everything and everyone trash.. openly admitted to vetoing a trade, not because it was unfair, but because he didn’t like the teams that were trading. Imagine that, the very same O’Hara who set Purdleball in motion.

And that’s not all, no it wasn’t enough to get the trade vetoed, he had to say things like this:

“Your trade has been vetoed. Bitching about it isn’t going to reverse the decision. Now take your medicine and shut up. I’m sick of your whining.”

O’Hara said this to me knowing the trade was fair, and that he only vetoed because I was involved. Soak that in a little.

This brave kid not only took the time to vote to shut down a minor trade because it didn’t benefit him, he went out of his way to rub it in my face and basically invite me to physically assault his smug mouth.

So I don’t want to hear that I overreacted. Of course I did. That’s what you wanted, right Tom? Because I’m not going to put up with that bullshit, especially not from kids I have little reason to respect. 

Haha and you reallyy want to talk big to me about fantasy baseball, O’Hara? Really? And then say you don’t care about it anymore when I confront you, after taking the time to veto a fair trade that didn’t involve you, and going so far as to talk shit in the group text.. Those are the actions of an insecure, small man. Not a friend.

Todd Frazier for Danny Salazar is a perfectly fine trade. And news flash haters, I have given all of you advice before. Over the last four years, I haven’t made a single pickup or trade for Dobis. Doesn’t need me to. If you’re still upset about a trade you thought was unfair last year, get over it.

Yesterday doesn’t happen if Tom isn’t hell bent on making a big deal out of everything I do, or if O’Hara was even a little bit cooler.

Oh but don’t think I forgot about you, Steve. I counted the votes.  You voted to veto a fair trade even after I publicly supported your right to trade all of your starters to take advantage of our lack of an innings limit.. 

Because that was your decision and that’s how it’s supposed to work isn’t it, Steve? You would be livid in mine and Pete’s situation. But you don’t see that now, only spite. What you did may just be the saddest of all the vetoers.

All I have done all year is contribute to this league and offer my unbiased assessments. I have taken time to talk with each and every one of you about your teams, and baseball in general. I don’t offer disrespectful trades, I don’t go out of my way to interfere with other people’s business, I don’t hold my championship over everyone’s head like O’Hara would, god forbid, I just play the fucking game. 

It’s time for certain kids to grow up and do the same. 


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