Indy Premier League: Keeper Rules

For the IMWT guys, you’re familiar with this format. Next season, you’ll have the option to keep 4 players. The round you keep them in will depend on where they were drafted the previous year.

If drafted in rounds 1-4 the previous year:

-1 (Ex. 2019 3rd Round Pick becomes 2020 2nd Round Pick)

If drafted in rounds 5-12:

-2 (Ex. 2019 5th Round pick becomes 2020 3rd Round Pick)

If drafted in rounds 13-25+:

-4 until player hits 10th Round (Ex. 2019 15th Round Pick becomes 2020 11th Round Pick)

If undrafted the previous year, the player can be kept +4 rounds later than their Yahoo ADP on March 1st. (Ex. 2019 FA Pickup with an ADP of 46 would become a 2020 9th Round Pick)

Because of the descending nature of draft value built into this format, a player’s keeper eligibility is not limited to an arbitrary number of years. This means if you draft Jose Altuve in the first round this year, you can keep him as your 1st round pick for as long as it makes sense to you and your franchise.

If this concept makes you nervous, remember this: Mike Trout is the only player that has carried 1st round fantasy value every year since 2015. He’s the exception, not the rule.

Draft Stacking: If a franchise decides it makes sense to keep their first 3 picks from the previous year’s draft, those players will remain eligible to be kept in the same rounds, in the same order they were drafted.

In the event a player acquired in a trade shares a draft round with another player on your roster, the player with the lower Yahoo ADP on March 1st will assume the lower draft round.

Feel free to let me know if you have questions.






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