2019 IMWT Keepers (Final)

Feel free to double check your teams!! 🙂

Player                2019 Keeper Round

Nolan Arenado           1

Mookie Betts              2

JD Martinez                3

Trevor Bauer              8

Mike Trout                   1

Max Scherzer              2

Manny Machado         3   

Walker Buehler           22

Bryce Harper                  1   

Francisco Lindor            2 

Ronald Acuna                10

Javy Baez                        12    

Jacob Degrom                 3

Alex Bregman                 4  

Aaron Nola                     5   

Kris Bryant                    6  

Jose Altuve                     1

Chris Sale                       2

Ozzie Albies                  11

Blake Snell                    14

Trea Turner                    2

Gerrit Cole                      4

Juan Soto                         8

Jesus Aguilar                 13

Trevor Story                    5

Christian Yelich              8

Shohei Ohtani               11

Mike Clevinger              21

Xander Bogaerts             5

Justin Verlander              6

Vlad Guerrero Jr             11

Mike Foltenewicz            14

Freddie Freeman             2

Matt Carpenter                13

Jose Berrios                      21

Rick Porcello                    22

Black: Player is being kept at or near current ADP/Value.

Silver: Player is being kept at a very good value relative to their current ADP.

Gold: Elite Keeper. Player is projected to be among the top producers at his position and is eligible to be kept at a tremendous discount relative to their current ADP. 

*Undrafted in 2018 and 2019 draft round is subject to change.

1.) Trumboners

Player                2019 Keeper Round

Nolan Arenado       1

Mookie Betts           2

JD Martinez             3

Trevor Bauer            8

Year 2 of Purdle trying to figure out how to win with three of the best six hitters in baseball. Mel Kiper has the Trumboners taking a starting pitcher in the 4th but we’ve never known the great tortuga to be predictable.

2.) Sabermetrics

Player                  2019 Keeper Round

Mike Trout                   1

Max Scherzer              2

Manny Machado        3   

Walker Buehler         22

To have acquired baseball’s crown jewel is very special accomplishment for me. I will start the season with the consensus #1 pick and top pitcher. Buehler isn’t a lock to put up big time innings this year but at round 22, his value was too good to pass up.

3.) Fighting Moles

Player                     2019 Keeper Round

Bryce Harper                      1   

Francisco Lindor               2 

Ronald Acuna                 10

Javy Baez                         12    

Bon voyage Giancarlo! A new era begins in Moletown.. Bryce Harper is now a first rounder and have to deliver 1st round production to avoid losing his roster spot to a younger, sexier, late round bat that catches Uncle’s eye this year.

Acuna and Baez are tremendous values at their current prices.

4.) Marvin’s Room

Player                        2019 Keeper Round

Jacob Degrom                    3

Alex Bregman                    4  

Aaron Nola                         5   

Kris Bryant                         6  (Higher ADP than Nola)

Marve has an opportunity to build something special this year having accumulated a strong set of keepers outside of the first two rounds. With the pressure of being ringless mounting, don’t expect a slow start from Marvin’s Room in 2019.

5.) Orbit’s Woody

Player              2019 Keeper Round

Jose Ramirez             7

Jack Flaherty            19

Aaron Judge             20

Victor Robles           18

JoRam and Aaron Judge are arguably the two best keepers in the league. Flaherty and Robles are tearing up spring training and soaring up draft boards. Woody has a ton of early picks and I really like their chances to bounce back in 2019.

6.) Cubs Mascot Dong

Player              2019 Keeper Round

Jose Altuve                1

Chris Sale                   2

Ozzie Albies             11

Blake Snell               14

Very solid set of keepers for CMD; Snell in the 14th being the golden goose. Altuve and Sale are guys that Bobby has invested quite a bit of capital in the past two seasons to be his franchise building blocks and help regain Cubs Mascot Dong’s status as a major player in the East.

7.) Dobis PR

Player                 2019 Keeper Round

Trea Turner                2

Gerrit Cole                 4

Juan Soto                   8

Jesus Aguilar          13

Word on the street is that Trea Turner will be unleashed on the basepaths this year. Dobis came within a week from the playoffs last year and will start off with two players in Turner and Gerrit Cole that health permitting, should finish near the very top of leaderboard in two categories: stolen bases and strikeouts. Add in some Soto growth (he’s 20!!!) and Peter Francis has a nice foundation to build a contender.

8.) Yelich Taco Yel

Player              2019 Keeper Round

Trevor Story              5

Christian Yelich         8

Shohei Ohtani          11

Mike Clevinger         21

Edwin Diaz probably made the most sense here as a value, but credit to Witchger for sticking with Shohei Ohtani well before his expected draft round. On the other hand, Yelich, Story and Clevinger are exceptional keepers and picks in each of the first four rounds means Witchger will add some real assets early.

Yelich Taco Yel came out of nowhere to win the East last year. Now they are the hunted. This draft will likely determine how long the Witchger era lasts in that division.

9.) Malveys

Player                     2019 Keeper Round

Xander Bogaerts            5

Justin Verlander            6

Vlad Guerrero Jr          11

Mike Foltenewicz        14

No doubt Kate Upton’s ample breasts have delayed Justin Verlander’s appointment with Father time, but he is 36 and as a 6th rounder this season, likely only has one or two more seasons as an elite keeper. It will be interesting to see how Malvey plays that window.

Vlad Guerrero Jr. may not come up in the first month. But he will come up. And when he does, the Dugongs will have a generational talent at an extremely favorable price.

10.) Sleeping Monks

Player                       2019 Keeper Round

Freddie Freeman             2

Matt Carpenter                13

Jose Berrios                      21

Rick Porcello                    22

Tarrell looked at the board in front of him and decided to try and upgrade the top of this roster, cutting ties with Blackmon and Correa to roll with a core of Freddie Freeman and late round value guys. This being one of the deeper drafts, the Sleeping Monks will be in a prime position to dictate a lot of the early round action and jump start their rebuild.

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