2018 IMWT Keeper Watch

It’s that time of year when each respective franchise must begin to look at the players in whom they will invest in to deliver fantasy glory in 2019 and beyond.

The keeper system has been attacked repeatedly by a select few owners recently but let’s look at the facts.

FACT: Sabermetrics is the only team to still own at least 3 keepers from the 2016 draft. In total, of the keepers taken among the top 100 players drafted in 2016, just 7 remain with the same franchise…… There has been narrative that there is no turnover is completely unfounded.

This league and its keeper system was built to be competitive. The system isn’t against you. Your team sucks because you suck at drafting. Teams shouldn’t be obligated to cut a keeper in 2019 because some guys feel like they deserve to luck into a Mike Trout. In 2019 there is expected to be 20-25 new keepers. 

Complaining about the no term limit is fair. But if guys actually stopped and looked at the last 3 drafts, they would see the system working.

Are we going to change a rule because Mike Trout is an all generation player in his 20’s?? Or because 10 teams passed on Mookie Betts in the first round two years ago?

Think about it – Would you rather have Kris Bryant be an 8th rounder next year like he would be under Witchger’s proposal (same draft round for 3 years)? Or would you rather have the Kris Bryant owner have to actually decide whether it’s worth it to keep him in the 3rd round over other worthy players if he hits 25 HRs this year..

Or what about Bryce Harper? He would be a 4th rounder next year if we did it the “standard way”. You think he’s ever getting traded then? Instead, he’s set to be a 1st round pick next year hitting below .230… A decision! Hah come on guys, think about how much better that is.

I ask you to trust me as your assistant commissioner to help continue building the world’s greatest baseball league, instead of just complaining because something doesn’t seem fair in the moment.

Here are the prospective keepers on each roster:


Cubs Mascot Dong

Player                                     2019 Keeper Round

JT Realmuto                                 14

Freddie Freeman                         2

Jose Altuve                                    1

Jesus Aguilar                                7-9*

Gleyber Torres                             10-12*

Charlie Morton                             17

Noah Syndergaard                        3

Orbit’s Woody

Player                                        2019 Keeper Round

Joey Votto                                         3

Jose Ramirez                                    7

Jean Segura                                      5

Anthony Rendon                             3

Corey Kluber                                    1

Clayton Kershaw                             1

Marseille Mmmmalvey’s

Player                                        2019 Keeper Round

Xander Bogaerts                             5

Justin Verlander                             6

Mike Foltynewicz                           13-16*

Donald J Trumboners

Player                                        2019 Keeper Round

Scooter Gennett!!                            19

Nolan Arenado                                1

Mookie Betts                                    1

JD Martinez                                      2

Lance McCullers Jr                         7

Johnny Cueto                                   12

Ohtani Taco Yel

Player                                        2019 Keeper Round

Christian Yelich                                8

Shohei Ohtani                                   11

Jose Berrios                                       21

Fighting Moles

Player                                        2019 Keeper Round

Javier Baez                                        12

Eugenio Suarez                                16

Francisco Lindor                              2

Giancarlo Stanton                            1

Ronald Acuna                                   10

Aaron Judge                                      19

Bryce Harper                                     1

Trevor Bauer                                     8

Patrick Corbin                                   21

Dobis PR

Player                                        2019 Keeper Round

Trea Turner                                        2

Mike Moustakas                                15

Eddie Rosario                                     6

Juan Soto                                             8-10*

Chris Sale                                            1

Sleeping Monks

Player                                        2019 Keeper Round

Matt Carpenter                                  13

Eduardo Escobar                              15-18*

Mike Trout                                          1

Matt Kemp!                                         15-18*

Michael Brantley                               13-16*

Charlie Blackmon                              1

Odubel Herrera                                  16

Eduardo Rodriguez                            21

Marvin’s Room

Player                                        2019 Keeper Round

Paul Goldschmidt                               1

Kris Bryant                                           3

Alex Bregman                                      3

Andrew Benintendi                            2

Jacob Degrom                                      3

Aaron Nola                                           4

Madison Bumgarner                          6


Player                                        2019 Keeper Round

Max Muncy                                         11-14*

Manny Machado                                 3

Ozzie Albies                                         11

Mitch Haniger                                     16

Carlos Correa                                       1

Max Scherzer                                       1

Gerrit Cole                                            4

Louis Severino                                     6

Jack Flaherty                                        19

Blake Snell                                            14!!!

Walker Buehler                                    22

Jimmy Nelson                                       21









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