IMWT Power Rankings: Week 12

10.) Marseille Mmmalvey's (46-91-7, 5th East) Forget Kris Bryant, the Mmmalvey's haven't won a matchup since April. At this point Falvey's chances of making the playoffs this year are about the same as the United States' odds of winning the World Cup. Which makes me very sad because I expected big things. N'abandonne pas. N'abandonne... Continue Reading →

IMWT: 2018 Midseason Turn

10.) The Malveys (42-74-4, 5th East)While Big Bear was out wondering the bushwoggle, the Malvey's pitching staff collapsed in on itself like a black hole TJ doesn't believe in. Injuries everywhere, Carlos Martinez pitching like he's also on MDMA, things are not great in Bear country right now. It wasn't all that long ago when... Continue Reading →

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