IMWT Rule Proposals

Here are some potential rule changes for 2018. I will update these as more rule proposals are submitted. Six votes gets it done.

We originally set FA Keepers at +2 ADP, the rationale being then that pickups were lucky and shouldn’t be rewarded. We know now that isn’t the case. Between late season breakout guys and September callups, it makes sense that FA’s should hold more value.

This is the Purdleball rule. I checked and the lowest non-Purdleball week was 47 innings. Purdleball was averaging about 24 innings. I think 35 is a nice medium. 30 is also an option.

This would allow for keepers to be swapped throughout the year.

Some have expressed interest in moving towards a more dynasty format. I would be open to this but I think we should start slow. This rule would allow the option to keeper an additional player on your roster.

A few trades were made in the playoffs this year and it was somewhat controversial. This rule would allow trades in the playoffs as long as a keeper is being given up by the playoff team.

This would make draft picks tradeable during the season. If this gets ok’d we would need to set up parameters as this can get messy. See: Tom’s Frat league.


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