BCGL Power Rankings: Week 6-7

10.) Make America GRONK Again (1-6, 5th Public Pool) Last Week: 10 (L 62-96 Butter Kareem) The last two weeks MAGA has scored 61 and 62 points... if this were last year, we would be getting tired of seeing Sean’s dick in the group chat every Tuesday morning by now.  Ty Montgomery is struggling to... Continue Reading →

IMWT Rule Proposals

Here are some potential rule changes for 2018. I will update these as more rule proposals are submitted. Six votes gets it done. We originally set FA Keepers at +2 ADP, the rationale being then that pickups were lucky and shouldn't be rewarded. We know now that isn't the case. Between late season breakout guys... Continue Reading →

BCGL Power Rankings: Week 4

10.) Make America GRONK Again (1-3, 5th Public Pool) Last Week: 4 (L 44-119 Better Be Wearing Jimmy's) I just got done watching the Ken Burns Vietnam War doc and what happened to Dubbs last week reminded me very much of the battle of Ap Bac... that is to say there were many casualties. In... Continue Reading →

IMWT 2017 Season Storylines and Awards

25 weeks later, we have a champion. Congratulations to Orbit's Woody on winning perhaps the most competitive season in league history. All four playoff teams were well worthy, but it was Bower who showed the guts to deal a batting champion for the shot at 800 big ones and a brand new IMWT championship trophy.... Continue Reading →

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