IMWT Power Rankings: Week 19

10.) Donald J Trumboners (103-116-9, 3rd East) Last Week: 6 (L 1-11 Laotian HumminaHumminas) You didn't even have to ask, Steve. 24 K's, 0 Quality starts with a 6.52 ERA and a 1.75 WHIP.... Purdle baby, what is you doin?? Let's remember Purdleball for what it was... a Steve improvisation that will end up changing... Continue Reading →

IMWT Power Rankings: Week 18

*Playoff probabilities have no statistical basis 10.) Dobis PR (98-106-12, 4th West) Last Week: 9 (L 3-8-1 Fighting Moles) Dobis PR is under audit and the verdict is not nice. 13-45-1 over the last five weeks... A free fall from contention frighteningly reminiscent to last year's collapse. Technically Dobis is not out of it, spiritually,... Continue Reading →

IMWT Power Rankings: Week 17

10.) Laotian HumminaHumminas (73-122-9, 5th East) Last Week: 10 (W 6-5-1 Yels Bells) It's official, Big Bear is woke. The Laotian Humminas have been radicalized in the jungle and are now intent on blowing things up. Falvey has chummed the water for trades and the contenders are circling. As we speak, I'm researching how much... Continue Reading →

IMWT Power Rankings: Week 16

Trade Week Week 16 in the year 2017 will go down in history as one of the craziest in league history. Three blockbusters last week, all involving contenders and big names. As we roar down the home stretch every move is crucial, every start separating contenders from future Toilet Bowl runners up. No Pressure. Power... Continue Reading →

IMWT Power Rankings: Week 15

10.) Sleeping Monkeys (69-101-10, 5th West) Last Week: 9 (L 3-9 Wintanamo Clay) Under my leadership, no shitty team will ever feel left behind.  We have a new team residing in the IMWT cellar this week. It's not personal, Tim. The Sleeping Monkeys haven't won a matchup in over a month, or "getting hot" in... Continue Reading →

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