IMWT Collusion 2018 Recap

Ohtani Taco Yel – Sleeping Monks THE COLLUSION BREAKDOWN & IMWT’s election of a false champion     On August 28 last season, 4 days before the playoffs start, this trade is accepted and upheld: I don’t typically judge trades but come on, this is awful. Sure, Berrios has nice value as a later round... Continue Reading →

Indy Premier League: Playoff Format

For whatever reason, Yahoo only lets us do one week, single elimination matchups in the playoffs.. So we're going to do it differently. Your regular season performance determines how difficult your road to the title will be. The Playoffs will start Week 18.. The top 6 teams make the dance, with the #1 and #2... Continue Reading →

Indy Premier League: Keeper Rules

For the IMWT guys, you're familiar with this format. Next season, you'll have the option to keep 4 players. The round you keep them in will depend on where they were drafted the previous year. If drafted in rounds 1-4 the previous year: -1 (Ex. 2019 3rd Round Pick becomes 2020 2nd Round Pick) If... Continue Reading →

DSL Keepers 2018

Team | Player | Round | Hizer | David Johnson | Round 1 | Meekda | Leveon Bell | Round 1 | Rolaha | Odell Beckham Jr | Round 1 | Uncle | Zeke Elliott | Round 2 | Dobis | Todd Gurley | Round 3 | Marve | Deandre Hopkins | Round 3 |... Continue Reading →

BCGL Power Rankings: Week 9

10.) The Mouth (0-9, 5th Country Club) Tarrell came into the draft more confused than my sweet grandmother when the mailman walks by. Fast forward to week 10 and not much has changed. The league's rectum finds himself winless, scoring less points than Witchger on a spelling test. Tom has made done what he can to... Continue Reading →

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